You rarely find our leaders behind their desks; instead they’re out in the field building relationships with our partners and co-creating directly with our cafe teams.

Each of our leaders has an intimate knowledge of the food service industry and is committed to serving quality, delicious meals from scratch in social sanctuaries that spark and fuel collaboration.

Randall Boyd
Randall BoydChief Executive Officer
Randall is our fearless leader that challenges the Guckenheimer team to simply be the best. With over 30 years of experience growing and leading companies to the top of their industries, Randall honors the Ritchies’ core values but maintains a forward-thinking vision. Read more
Helene Kennan
Helene KennanChief Innovation Officer
No obstacle exists for Helene, instead she asks “How might we…?” With over 25 years of experience in the food service industry, Helene has done it all. Her vision is unparalleled and she challenges us to be leaders in reimagining the cafe experience. She’s a chef, she’s a visionary and she shines the light on where we’re headed. Read more