Guckenheimer Champions for Change (C4C) Awards 

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The third annual Champions for Change awards were presented at the Fall Leadership Conference (FLC) 2016.

As a food service provider, Guckenheimer believes a key driver in feeding the culture of a company is people and it starts with those within our organization. We would like to recognize those who qualified as a Champion for Change by exhibiting Guckenheimer’s leadership behaviors, providing a meaningful contribution that can be replicated, and differentiating the company from the competition.

The 10 finalists: Alison Acerra & Matt Alioto; Anne Marie Rangel, Dan Naples & Julie Inman; Brian Sarofeen, Robert Schmitz & Phylicia Bain; Carl Valenti; Eric Johnson; Joe Lindlau; Lawrence Gallegos & Michelle Calles; Scott MacGowan; Susan Pastoret; Trish Scallan & Gary Batara.


Alison Acerra & Matt Alioto: Cafe Track

Cafe Track allows clients to track the effects of their wellness program by tracking not only what was offered, but what was sold.

Anne Marie Rangel, Dan Naples, & Julie Inman: PIRQ

PIRQ replaces paper loyalty cards with a mobile app. Tracks participation and allows interaction with customers electronically.

Eric Johnson: Differentiator Implementation

Great implementation of all differentiators. Grew his area 16% this year, increased margin to over 18%, has $2 million of new business, 0 lost accounts and 0 injuries.

Susan Pastoret: Operations Improvement

National role model for front-of-house client engagement. Completely turned around account that was losing money and had a high employee turnover. Sales doubled.

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Congratulations to all the finalists and winners!

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