Chef Mike Thibault Visits His Alma Mater

Chef Mike Thibault

Chef Mike Thibault was invited to Johnson & Wales University (JWU), as the university’s 178th Distinguished Visiting Chef. In front of a packed house, Chef Thibault spoke about running a zero waste kitchen while preparing a carrot-spelt agnolotti with carrot-top pesto and a vegan mushroom bisque.

Mike earned a degree in culinary nutrition and to him, healthy food is much more than the nutritional analysis of food—it encompasses the life cycle of food and how it enters and exits his kitchen. Valuing life and using every part of the ingredient so there is zero waste.

The chair of the culinary nutrition department at JWU said, “Mike represented Guckenheimer incredibly well, and honored his alma mater with his presentation. The passion and craftsmanship he displayed were inspiring and motivational for students and faculty alike.”

As a food service provider, Guckenheimer believes in serving sustainable food made with integrity.

Congratulations to Chef Mike Thibault and special thanks to JWU!

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