We believe in connecting people through real food. There’s something magical about sitting around a table and sharing a delicious meal. Such a simple act can spark something big. A new way of thinking, a solution not seen before … eating together can create a bond, a friendship, a partnership.

As your corporate food service provider, we design an experience to inspire these bonds and create moments for creativity. Our experience begins with real food made from fresh, whole ingredients that has been carefully crafted to fuel productivity and nourish the well-being of your team. Join us as we revolutionize the concept of corporate dining.

What We Do

Guckenheimer is a contract food service provider that sees things differently. We offer clients across numerous industries cafeteria management and catering services that are fresh, unique and delicious. Guckenheimer’s chefs create custom menus that will excite and engage your employees every day. Invest in a corporate food service that makes an impact.

Our Story

Where smart meets delicious is in Guckenheimer’s DNA. In 1963, two wide-eyed Stanford students thought of a new way to finance their student loans AND perk up the boring lunch options at the cafeteria. Armed with sandwiches and big dreams, Stewart and Jeanie Ritchie took on the corporate dining world and never looked back.


You rarely find our leaders behind their desks; instead they’re out in the field building relationships with our partners and co-creating directly with our cafe teams.

A Few of Our Client Partners

Interested in Joining Guckenheimer?

Do food dreams keep you up at night? Then you’ll fit right in with our food-focused team. Learn more about the latest opportunities to work with the fastest-growing food service company in the country.