It is no secret to most people in the U.S. that we must place a greater emphasis on the quality of our health and general wellness. Never before in history has there been so much awareness of the decline in public health, food quality, and eating habits nor such a great desire to improve our society’s performance with respect to these issues. Millenials and Gen Xers have been raised on a steady stream of media messaging telling them how dangerous processed foods and sedentary lifestyles will be to their long-term health. This has given rise to entire generations who have made health and wellness a top priority in their lives, and people who are very good at achieving it. These are the people now making up the bulk of the workforce so catering to their lifestyles is important to make sure that you maintain a satisfied employee base. This begins by assessing the nutritional value of all the foods provided by your organization’s cafeteria at work. If you feel that there is room to improve, which is true of almost all employers, it’s time to turn to a food management company like Guckenheimer to step in a take charge.

Better Health, Better Performance

A healthy workforce is great for employers. Healthy employees take fewer sick days, cost the company less in expenses on health plans, and are more productive in general. In fact, 77% of productivity loss can be attributed to health issues. Research by BYU and the Center for Health Research found that unhealthy employees cost employers 2-3 times more in healthcare expenses. Certain foods have been shown to contain nutrients that boost brain function for example, folate found in beans and greens, omega-3s found in fish, and vitamin E found in nuts and certain vegetable oils. Now that’s smart!

When employees eat well at work, they are more likely to carry those healthy habits over into their home lives as well. It can provide inspiration for healthy meal ideas, make employees more likely to exercise before or after work, and even help them sleep better according to medical journal Popular Health Management.

So, What Can You Do?

Clearly, nutrition is at the center of a healthy lifestyle. That is why at Guckenheimer, we put nutrition at the center of our food service offerings. No other food management company places such importance on health and wellness. We enlist professional chefs to create a well-balanced menu using fresh ingredients that will make your employees feel better, stay focused and maintain their energy levels throughout the day. Our services are tailored to your unique workplace to ensure that all dietary restrictions and preferences are met. Going above and beyond is how we do business.

If you’re looking for a way to invest in your current employees and attract new talent, hiring a food management company to manage your corporate dining experience is a sure bet to bring great results. Contact us to schedule a meeting and find out more about what we can offer your organization!