Our Culinary Philosophy

We're deeply commited to fresh ingredients, creative menus, healthy cooking practices, and sustainability.

Food You Can Trust

Our kitchens rely on unprocessed ingredients to build nutritious menus
your employees will love — and feel good about eating.

  • Local ingredients
  • Healthy cooking practices
  • Sustainably raised meats and fish
  • Plant-based menus
  • House-made salad dressings and salsas
  • Hormone-free dairy products
  • Cage-free, certified-humane eggs
  • No trans-fat or MSG

Menu Design

Menu creation with personalization

Guckenheimer incorporates healthy, fresh, sustainable and seasonal menus in a variety of innovative ways through our programming methodologies. Menus are created at the site level, allowing chefs the ability to focus on regionality and seasonality while using a personalized approach to understanding client preferences. 


Our process

No food left behind

Our dedication to the environment means minimal food waste — and maximum creativity. Our team makes the most of every ingredient through our menuing process that relies heavily on regionality, customer and guest favorites, as well as point-of-sale data and production records. 

Food to come to work

Our strategy of using food programs to increase workplace engagement is not only to nourish but also to use food as a way for people to connect with each other and their company culture.


Local community

Community outreach

The local community plays a role in our in-house production of food and we cherish those relationships. We believe strongly in supporting and reaching out to industry peers for chef demos, station takeovers, special events, and event catering.

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Recipe testing

Recipes at Guckenheimer are developed and tested at our Food Innovation Test Kitchen (f.i.t. Kitchen) in South San Francisco and f.i.t. kitchen hubs located around the United States. The process requires that all recipes enter the testing queue from our top-tier chefs based in cafés in the field.

Stock_to go meals

Promote healthy living

Engagement at home

We offer several options for take-home services, including to-go meals, take and cook meals, and even sandwiches and snacks. Our aim in providing take-out menus is to enhance an evolving engagement experience at home and to promote healthy living.

Want to learn more?

Our team is ready to discuss your needs and help curate a food service experience your workforce will enjoy.

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The next normal in food services

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that talent is our most critical asset. For companies to reemerge successfully after the pandemic, they need to redesign food programs around whole-person health and wellness. Read the first insight in our next normal in food services series to learn more.

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