Increasing Engagement Through Food

At Guckenheimer, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter tools to help increase employee engagement within your company. Our team will partner with yours to develop a strategy to help improve your employees’ experience within your corporate environment. Our marketing, operation and design groups work with your on-site team by considering your company’s values, culture, and priorities and develop ideas that will improve your employees’ experience at work.

Creative and Collaborative Cafeterias and Catering

Your company goes above and beyond to engage your employees but not all cafeteria management companies can say the same. As a premier contract food service provider, we serve our partners beyond just the cafeteria with perfect catering services for special events. This could be a company conference, a special-event for management, or similar corporate event.

We offer an easy ordering platform with several menus, including sandwiches, hor d’oeuvres, casual salads, and fine dining selections for special events.

Always Fresh

At Guckenheimer, we bring the farm to you through local sourcing. Your local café will have nothing less than the freshest food available from the farm, including colorful fruits, and delicious leafy greens.

We constantly experiment with new ideas, and flavors. Your employees deserved the best-of-the-best when it comes to new flavors, and exciting dishes.

We also provide a number of other services for our customers including order-ahead pick up, chef demos, tastings, seasonal features, and tailor made food programs.

Contact us today for more information about how we can serve your café food service needs.

Catering / Cafeteria Management Company

Farmers Markets
Local sourcing is important to us, which is why we try to bring the farm to you. Our farmers markets celebrate local farmers right in your cafe with bundles of leafy greens, baskets of colorful fruits and an array of farm fresh goodies all for your employees. Why wait for the weekend when you have easy access to high quality, locally-grown, farm fresh fruits and vegetables and gourmet foods.

Catering / Cafeteria Management Company

Break the monotony. Surprise your employees. Play with our pop-up concepts. Our chefs are constantly experimenting with new flavors, local trends and new ideas and our pop-ups let their creativity flow. Open a carefully crafted sushi spot in the heart of your cafe. Or a tried and true BBQ joint with slow, wood-fired barbecue. Pop-Ups open your employees to a world of culinary possibilities. We invite you to try new flavors, taste new dishes and keep exploring.

Catering / Cafeteria Management Company

Order Ahead & Pick Up
Although we aim to make the cafe your workday destination, we understand the importance of simple, fast convenience. Our cafes are fully equipped with the latest technology to manage online ordering for easy pick-up or delivery. Save time for meetings and working lunches or simply avoid the lines by ordering ahead.

Catering / Cafeteria Management Company

Chef Demos & Tastings
Your cafe can take the food experience beyond the daily menu and renergize the office space with imaginative tasting events and demos featuring top chefs from across the country. Food love ties all Guckenheimer team members together and we are jazzed at any chance to share that passion with the world. Food is fun and your cafe experience should be as well.

Catering / Cafeteria Management Company

Seasonal Features
After a long, bitter winter, the explosion of color, scents and flavors that arrive with a fresh spring bounty breathes life into the cafe. Each week, our chefs craft a menu highlighting a local, in-season ingredient in a variety of dishes. Our program features information about the produce, helpful tips for preparing meals at home plus the opportunity to purchase the ingredients to create a full work-home experience emphasizing smart, healthful choices.

Catering / Cafeteria Management Company

Tailor-Made Food Programs
Our innovative culinary team has developed food programs that can be tailored to each client’s audience. Our extensive portfolio of programs includes a variety of tastes, flavors and techniques to energize the cafe and offer the unexpected. Take your cafe outside of the cookie-cutter mold and welcome your employees into their very own restaurant offering favorite comfort foods with a nutritious twist.