Zero-Waste Kitchens

We understand the connection between food, health and the environment. We can’t craft an amazing menu without starting with the best ingredients that are sourced responsibly. We source our food locally, in season and organically whenever possible, but more importantly, every aspect of our food service operation reinforces our commitment to sustainability.

Our chefs are fully engaged in our mission and prepare each ingredient with loving care. We want to showcase the beauty, art and tantalizing flavors of the freshest ingredients from local farms. It is our sincere hope that by using our talents in the kitchen, we can encourage a community to view the food around them differently.

Coffee Compost

Field to Fit

Guckenheimer’s Field to Fit strategy is what we view as the evolution of typical ‘farm to fork’ programs.  Where our food comes from is the first step, how it is prepared, served and consumed is equally important in supporting human health and sustainable high performance.  Partnering with our clients,  we  build a robust roster of community partners to supply our food program, educate and enable our customers to make better (easier) food choices, and drive nutritional outreach programs to surrounding communities. This is a winning combination with our Return on Wellness program. Our ultimate objective is to help the people we serve to live healthier, happier, more productive lives.

Beyond the Status Quo

Recycling and Waste Management
Sustainable waste management is an important part of our operation. We use eco-effective systems to convert our waste into renewable resources, such as turning food scraps into compost for local farms, and converting cooking oils and grease into biofuels.

Energy Management
Guckenheimer seeks to reduce our carbon footprint by promoting energy conservation. We conduct regular energy audits to ensure the efficiency of our equipment.

Environmentally Sustainable Serviceware
While our preference is to use china or other re-usable serviceware wherever possible, when take-out options are needed, we utilize a full line of sustainable, biodegradable and compostable products.

Sustainable Food Service Initiatives
Cafe Grow: Small potted gardens consisting of fresh herbs and vegetables, rooftop and outdoor gardens
Farmer’s Tables: Celebrate locally sourced produce and other products in the cafe