At Guckenheimer, we settle for nothing less than providing ingredients that are fresh and authentic. We are a premier provider among food service companies because we make the café the cultural center of your organization.

We are all about using fresh food, and innovation. We encourage our chefs to experiment, and produce brand-new creations. We strive to make every dish taste better.

Delicious Food – Period

The Guckenheimer culture is one of pushing the boundaries to achieve flavors that produce excitement in the workplace, while using nutritious ingredients that feed the body, and the mind. Some food service providers may offer good-tasting food, but do so at the cost of nutrition, and health. The kind of food we create is the kind you remember, and the kind that helps you to flourish. It is food that you will want to share with your coworkers, friends, and family.

Benefiting the Corporate Culture

Food and socializing go together like bread and butter. Sharing a meal with others in a comfortable dining experience is a mainstay in almost every culture in the world. In the corporate world, mealtime –whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner– can often be routine, monotonous routine. At Guckenheimer we have changed that routine into an atmosphere where colleagues can enjoy high-value creations from our chefs, and do so in a comfortable environment where ideas are sparked, and conversations are engaged. This helps drive productivity, innovation, and develop a positive corporate culture.

We want to improve the work day of your employees. As a premier leader among food service providers, we work with you to develop a strategy to boost employee engagement and participation based on your company’s priorities.

We offer something new for companies seeking a change in the way their employees engage in the workplace, and we do so through the avenue of food preparation, creation, and service. Allow our team to showcase our skills for your company: Choose Guckenheimer!