If you look at the trends in corporate dining and cafeteria establishments, you will find the food service companies are listening more to their customers more than ever. Today’s eaters are more discerning than ever before with healthy eating trends and dietary restrictions being more more and more common. Guckenheimer wants to hear from and satisfy these requirements to better serve our clients so you can maintain a happy, healthy workforce and attract top talent down the road.

Clear Food Information

Apart from obvious clear food information required for those with allergies, require gluten-free or other specific choices, diners prefer to know more about their food and where it came from.

Food service companies must meet the demands of their customers by presenting information that describes the farm to table process. They need to know how farmers have treated the land and that all those involved in the chain are seen to be green, eco-friendly and paying their workers sufficiently. We’re proud of our commitment to sustainability and your employees will be too.

Promoting Health and Wellness

The organization and the food service companies must take all the necessary steps to promote and enhance the health of the employees eating within the corporate catering and cafeteria environment.

Healthier foods, provided with nutritional information, is better for employees because they can understand more about their intake, refuse items that are less healthy and choose food that provides energy at the right time of the day. Under old traditional methods, a large lunch would lead to tiredness during the afternoon and a reduction in productivity. Modern employers and employees understand that energy centered food is great and everyone benefits.

Although the food is not necessarily an entertainment center, corporate dining and cafeteria options need to be quick, efficient and provide the social setting where employees can meet, mix, sometimes discuss work and other times just enjoy the break to clear their mind.

Many employees still need food to go, which requires food service companies to carefully research and think about food that can be collected and stay fresh while employees and visitors transport the food to another location. The food must still be healthy, have a great shelf life and be available in a variety of portion sizes to suit individual requirements.