Think of digital signage as a three-course meal. You have your hardware, software and finally, your content. Learn how selecting the right components of each course can help you create an attractive and interactive café atmosphere that will be memorable to your customers.


Digital displays and media players are the backbone to any successful digital signage solution. Consider your café space when deciding on the right display to use. If you are tight on space, tablet displays are a great solution because they can be mounted or propped up on a food station. If you are interested in overhead signage and large menu boards, TV screens are the way to go. If your café has a lot of open wall space, especially walls with texture, utilizing projectors screens would be the cost effective choice. Media players are the devices that connect and communicate with the displays and most media players will work on all these formats.


Your content management system is the application you will use to distribute and schedule content. It is also the heartbeat of the digital signage set up. There are on-premise solutions and cloud-based solutions, but selecting the right software to fit your content needs strongly depends on your network capabilities. Consult with your IT team to get a better scope of your capabilities.


What you show on your display is the key to customer engagement. Think beyond deciding between images or videos and focus on the message. You only have seconds to grab your customer’s attention so be mindful when choosing key words. Some ideas for dynamic content are to show your social media feed, entice customers to enroll into your loyalty program, promote future menu items and specials, and even communicate educational tips. Content displayed digitally can allow you to drive target marketing campaigns at the right time for customers.

Now that you understand the basic components of how to take advantage of digital signage in your corporate café, if you want to learn more, check out the Digital Signage Expo held annually in Las Vegas to keep up on best practices, trends, and new technology. Watch this video to see highlights from Guckenheimer’s visit to the Digital Signage Expo 2018.

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