Have you ever worked alongside employees whose attitude has dipped so far, that you fear it spreading into other employees? This is a very real problem in many workplaces and it needs to be addressed before it affects your organization’s ability to do business. When resolving issues like this, little changes can go a long way. Anything that makes an employee feel more valued and engaged can improve and prevent attitude problems at work and increase productivity. At Guckenheimer, we specialize in a unique service that can improve employee morale and workplace productivity. By upgrading the corporate cafeteria service on your company’s campus, you can get employees away from their desks, get them connected to one another, and make their lunch break truly a break.

Keep It In-House

Most workers don’t relish the daily trip off-site for lunch. Costs add up, they lose time driving, and usually aren’t particularly thrilled with the food they end up buying. If their company were to offer a corporate cafeteria with variety and a great dining experience, their daily hassle would be eliminated and their lunch hour made drastically more enjoyable. You, as an organization, get to keep your employees on site where they can socialize, collaborate on work projects – or not- and regain their focus for the latter half of the day.

Improve the Menu, Improve Productivity

At Guckenheimer, we pride ourselves on offering menu options that are fresh, healthy, and exciting. We employ professional chefs who have poured their creativity and inspiration into food that tastes great and makes you feel great. Our development teams can even tailor your company’s menu to specific dietary preferences and food interests. By asking your employees for their input and making them a part of the process of choosing the menu for your organization, you have found yet another way to improve the morale within your workplace.

Not only can your corporate cafeteria help keep your employees happy, it can help you recruit new ones. Talented workers often have many options and offers for employment. Workplace environment can be a major deciding factor for these kinds of recruits. One of the most visible parts of your workplace will be the dining area and at Guckenheimer, we can make yours a stunning and exciting part of your tour.

To find out more about how we can take your corporate cafeteria to new heights, contact us online or call us at 650-592-3800.