Lunch is one of the most important events of the day for any company’s employees. It is something that they look forward to and can greatly influence their habits and performance. It is also one of the few ways that a company can influence the morale and well-being of its employees. The company cafeteria can also be a useful recruiting tool to attract talented employees to your organization. What if you find that many of your employees are going off-site for lunch or bringing their own lunch instead of eating in the company cafeteria? Could it be that they don’t find any of the offerings attractive or they don’t work with their dietary preferences? This is a bad sign that the food service is lacking and you are missing an opportunity to improve your workplace environment. Fortunately, when you believe that the company cafeteria is a good idea for your organization, the extensive experience of food service management companies, like ours, will help you provide a plan to affect the complete strategy.

Survey Your Employees

By asking your employees how they feel about the state of company cafeteria, you can gain valuable insights and include everyone in your decision-making process. The beginning of the process may determine how people feel about the food quality and what they use the cafeteria for most. Do they just use the cafeteria for coffee and snacks or do they want a full-service restaurant so that they can get a real break on lunch every day?

As the strategy progresses you will need to ask your employees about their individual food requirements. Do they suffer from any specific allergies; do they require vegetarian options; what foods should or should not be produced or handled in the cafeteria? A top-tier food service management company will not only be able to upgrade the quality of the food, but also can accommodate any special dietary needs.

Invest in Your Team

If you find that your employees are dissatisfied with the food quality and are looking for an upgrade in the dining experience, it’s time to make a change and invest in your employees. Guckenheimer has become one of the country’s leading food service management companies by focusing on quality ingredients and healthy recipes. We can provide help and advice so that your organization can promote healthy eating, perhaps combined with your fitness and activity program, so that you provide an overall wellness program as a specific benefit for all your employees. Studies show that promoting healthy eating in the workplace can improve productivity, employee morale, and reduce healthcare expenditures.

Another side effect of investing in your cafeteria food service is team building. More employees eating on campus, rather than off-site, fosters an environment where employees can spend time together in an informal setting and learn more about each other. Making an investment in your employees will certainly not go unnoticed and will make them feel more valued. We, as your favored choice of food service management companies, can help you develop, this excellent corporate cafeteria for the benefit of all your employees.