Many companies have test kitchens. We have the FIT Kitchen.

Beyond a Test Kitchen

It’s a laboratory for our culinary team to test recipes and create new food programs with nutritional integrity. It’s where young culinary students are planting the seeds to become our future chefs.

It’s a creative space to show off what we do and how we’re different to both clients and our employees. We feature an on-site chef’s table for an intimate look behind the scenes where you can talk with our chefs as you enjoy a carefully crafted meal.

Nutrition Intelligence

The Foodlab is a collaboration of our culinary team working on product development that answers the question of “What’s New?” It offers robust food programs and keeps our menus cutting edge. All of our Foodlab concepts are developed in the f.i.t Kitchen.

Nutrition Strategy

Our chefs are compulsive creators. They keep their finger on the pulse of culinary development and are constantly looking forward. Their ideas, techniques and tenacity come together in f.i.t. Kitchen to create inspiring, ground-breaking work that become our partners’ latest café concept.

Food Lab Test Kitchen

Test Kitchen
The heart of f.i.t Kitchen is the recipe testing process. We want to balance exceptional flavor with nutritional integrity in every meal we serve. The testing process starts in our f.i.t. Kitchen to ensure each of our chefs and partners have access to thousands of qualified recipes.