Inspired. Resilient. Engaged. Focused. By providing well crafted, nutritious food to your employees, you can sustain your team’s success.

Nutrition plays an important role in fueling your employees’ best performance. When they consistently eat well-balanced meals made from fresh ingredients, they will feel better, stay focused and maintain a higher energy level throughout the day.

Improving habits is a key goal in our nutrition strategy. Our Nutrition Strategy Group and on-site registered dietitians work with your team to curate an effective wellness program that will improve overall performance, increase participation and can even lower healthcare costs.

engaging employees in a company cafe

Engage Your Top Performers

Peers joining together in our energized cafes and connecting over a delicious meal fuels your community, fosters their creativity and collaboration, and supports individuals in achieving their peak performance. While nutrition recommendations may vary widely, experts agree that meal patterns inclusive of whole foods, rich in fruits and vegetables, limited in added sugars and processed foods are the pathway to a well-nourished mind and body.

A recent analysis of over 20,000 survey responders found that those workers who ate healthy the entire day were 25% more likely to have higher job performance and 27% lower rates of absenteeism.*

An onsite café guided by culinary and nutritional expertise is the foundation for maximizing your workforce potential and pushing limits on what’s possible each and every day.

* Healthways Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine: January 2013 – Volume 55 -Issue 1 – p 10–18.