Driving Employee Engagement

“What is important to you?” It’s the first question we ask a new partner when we start developing their new cafe experience. A carefully designed service offering well-balanced meals can increase participation, attract and retain top talent, connect with employees and bring a company culture to life. Keeping well-crafted, healthful food center stage also provides an opportunity to improve your employees’ well-being.

We believe that a successful food service experience creates the ultimate opportunity for employee engagement. Let your cafe become the heart and soul of your company.

Partnering to Provide Solutions

We view the cafe as an opportunity to fully support our partners’ engagement goals and help them cultivate an environment that is the “best place to work.” Our partners place a high value on the development and engagement of their employees and we design a strategy to help them achieve their goals. We measure success by adding value for our partners, engaging employees, re-energizing the corporate culture, increasing productivity and developing greater participation. “We” are an extension of “you” and we want to make our partners a great place to work.


Increased participation after we take over a cafe that didn’t have a strong fresh food focus.

Retain Top Talent

As a dedicated partner, we start by asking about your overall engagement goals, and the cafe becomes an extension of your strategy. Your messaging is reinforced, your values are showcased and your beliefs are celebrated. This is your cafe, and the best way to engage and retain the best talent is by cultivating a community around your core culture. Plus, by offering delicious food that makes people feel good helps to keep them engaged and excited about the experience.

Increase Participation

Using strategic marketing and fun promotions, your cafe festivities can captivate your employees and keep things fresh. But when it comes down to really increasing participation, our food is the showstopper. We have proven that when we take over a cafe that previously did not have a fresh, delicious food focus, we can increase the participation by 30%.

Inspire Sustainable Performance

Our program is designed to assist people with making the better choice for long-lasting health benefits. Through our delicious food, enticing menus, choice architecture and gentle price nudging, we have found that over time, we can influence habits and help people make better choices that affect their daily performance as well as their overall health.

Employee Engagement

Engaged employees strive to bring their best work to the table. They are constantly creating and reaching for further success. The corporate cafe offers a unique opportunity to drive productivity and influence better performing teams. The services keep people on-site, collaborating with colleagues and can increase overall satisfaction in the workplace.

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