Our success starts and ends with our people and our teams. When we ask our employees what they like most about working at Guckenheimer, they often respond with “the people.” Here’s a look at some of our team members from cafés across the country.

Our Training department was honored as one of the top 125 training programs in the nation in 2015 by Training magazine. This distinction is shared by larger companies such as Walgreens, Wells Fargo, and MasterCard.

AmeliaGeneral Manager - New York City

With both parents in the food industry (her mother and sister are both cookbook agents and her father owned a BBQ restaurant), Amelia was always surrounded by chefs and excellent food. “I grew up around food and around the dinner table. I couldn’t help but fall in love with it. My job was always to set the table – even as a child, I would memorize what all the different forks and spoons were for. I was destined for the front of the house!”

“I ALWAYS look to NYC for our inspiration. Not only for food, but for our decor as well – the graffiti artists we commissioned are legendary here in New York City and everyone was so honored to have them creating the piece for us. Additionally, our station signage is all modeled after the NYC subway system. We love to go to the NY Public Library Menu archives for inspiration and Chef and I are always sending each other recipes and ideas from restaurants we have been to. New York has every cuisine imaginable and we have it all at our fingertips to taste, recreate, reinvent and reimagine.”

ArthurSous Chef - Boston

Arthur Liao is a Sous Chef in Watertown, Massachusetts. He has been at Guckenheimer for almost five years, working closely with Executive Chef Manager Mike Thibault. Prior to Guckenheimer, Arthur was a line cook at Lumiere, a French restaurant in Boston run by renowned chef Michael Leviton, and New York City’s Morimoto (as in THE Iron Chef). Arthur’s signature style is cooking Japanese food with refined French technique — e.g. ramen using pork loin that has been trussed and cured.

As is the case with most Taiwan natives, Arthur is obsessed with food. Food was a huge part of his childhood and his talented grandmother inspired him to become a chef. She grew all their vegetables and they lived next to their own rice paddies. “One thing I really like about working with this company is because we work with farm fresh, seasonal produce.”

Nicknamed Speedy Gonzales by his colleagues, Arthur moves quickly in the kitchen and tracks 35,000 steps a day on his Fitbit. Executive Chef/Manager Mike jokes that it is actually equal to only 2 miles instead of 17 miles because Arthur has short legs.

CharlieChef Manager - Charleston, SC

Prior to working with Guckenheimer, Charlie had a background in French and Italian fine dining cuisine, working at some of Charleston’s finer downtown restaurants, including Grill 225, Hominy Grill, Mercato, Eli’s Table, and The Fat Hen.

Growing up with Italian/French Immigrant grandparents, Charlie was immersed in culinary from cooking experiences with them from a young age. He recalls being perplexed by food and loved being able to manipulate and mold new flavor profiles to achieve an end result in the form of a plated dish. An avid outdoorsmen and forager, Charlie loves combining those interests with cooking.

“I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to cater and learn one of the fastest growing food programs in the nation and to easily support categories of interest that are important to me: sustainable seafood, farm to table initiatives, and supporting small business and local economy to name a few. I get to source and use some of the best ingredients in the world and have the creative freedom to come up with dishes that push the culinary envelope daily as part of our program. There is nothing standing in our way of producing and sharing great food except what I can think of.”

Something that stands out to Charlie about his experiences at Guckenheimer is being able to learn a new food franchise and support categories that fit in line with his personal beliefs on food, sourcing, and transparency. Being able to have complete creative freedom in menuing is very important to the chef.

Charleston is a foodie and sportsmans paradise with a strong connection to the sea and some of the most sustainable, fresh seafood in the world. This makes it easy for Charlie and his team to make fresh, smart choices when menuing and drawing inspiration.

ShirleyLead Cashier - Seattle

Shirley has worked with Guckenheimer for 20 years in a variety of our cafes. Most recently, she is the lead cashier at the Sidebar Café in Seattle.

A self-described people person, Shirley likes meeting new people and getting out front and talking with the customers. She has worked in customer service but she likes food service best because of the opportunity to work with and speak with so many people every day. Shirley makes sure to learn every one of her customers’ names and when she greets you, she’ll be sure to say your name.

“I love my job and love working with Guckenheimer. This company has been so good to me and has helped me so much over the years. In the first few years when I started working with Guckenheimer, my house burned down and Guckenheimer and the people I worked with helped me in more ways than I ever realized. I like to give that back every day to my colleagues and our customers.”

“You can tell if you’re going to get along in an environment, and I have loved the spirit and atmosphere at the cafes I have worked at. The people may be different at each café, but the spirit remains the same. You can connect and feel the love; and that connects with our customers. I love my work and I love what I do.”