Being a corporate food
provider is who we are.
It’s in our DNA.

The building blocks of our DNA fit together to create an integrated, holistic solution.

chefs with whisks

cafe DNA

Food to come to work for–fresh crafted for YOUR tastes

A culture focused on hiring and promoting people who excel at hospitality

Increasing the engagement of your employees by making the café a cultural center of the organization

Experts to drive your program with industry leading culinary offerings and best practices

Making the right choice the easy choice for today and the future

Operate with openness and integrity

Our leadership and support resources are easy to reach and are structured to make your program successful

 Our Focus

fresh pizza


  • Food to come to work for: fresh and crafted to YOUR tastes.
  • House made sauces, soups and dressings
  • Small batch preparation ensures freshness all day
  • No cycle menus. Each unit crafts menus for its specific population and local preferences

smiling chefs


  • Not just nice people, but a culture focused on hiring and promoting people who excel at hospitality.
  • Culinary focus allows even fine dining chefs to love working for us.
  • Hospitality-driven culture– we find people who love to make your people happy.
  • Training and career opportunities incent people to stay, which translates to better customer care for you.

Cafe Engagement


  • Increasing the engagement of your employees by making the café a cultural center of the organization.
  • We understand Millennials and how to bring together four generations in the workplace.
  • 30% increase in participation after we take over a café that didn’t have a strong fresh food focus.

Learn how Guckenheimer can elevate
your corporate dining experience

cafe map


Guckenheimer has over 400 locations.

Guckenheimer is in 34 States

Guckenheimer has over 3,200 employees.

Guckenheimer is now a part of the ISS family.

Who is ISS?

Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, ISS is a 100-year-old company that has over 500,000 employees who provide facility services in 75 countries.

What does this mean for Guckenheimer clients?

Guckenheimer’s operations remain unchanged

Additional resources backed by ISS

Expand into client locations beyond the US

Convenience of expanded facility services

Drive Your Business

We are a powerful partner in the war for talent. Our services can help you attract and retain top talent, especially Millennials.

We are a catalyst for innovation. When people come together over good food, magic happens. The next industry defining idea could happen in your café.

We are culture shapers and amplifiers. Our food is the cultural centerpiece that helps create a sense of belonging and celebrates your company culture.

We are partners in creating a sustainably high performing workforce. Healthy employees, healthy bottom line.


With our changing workforce, company culture is now a
“must have” rather than a “nice to have”.

“The food is always fresh, cooked how we like it, and there is an abundance of options available to suit anyone’s needs. However, it’s not just what makes the Bistro a great place to eat, it’s your employees. I really feel as though I’m with family when I visit the Bistro!”

– Centene Customer


“Every time I get food from these guys, I leave with a smile on my face.”

-American Eagle Customer

“It’s not just a job for them; customer satisfaction through great food is how they achieve professional fulfillment. These intangibles make all the difference for the customers.”

-Eaton Customer

Interested in Learning More About What Guckenheimer Can Do For Your Company’s Food Program? Let’s Chat.