At Guckenheimer, we understand the crucial balance between providing quality service, and exceptional food. No matter the occasion, we are the experts at curating the perfect event.

We offer a convenient ordering platform that includes a range of menus to meet the discerning tastes of your team. Choose from sandwiches, casual salads, or other fine-dining options to incorporate into your special event.

Customizable Food Programs

As a premier provider among corporate catering companies, we offer food programs that are customizable to the audience at hand. We offer programs that incorporate a range of flavors, tastes, and techniques to stimulate the taste buds and energize the experience. We make it possible for your attendees to enjoy foods that are delicious, comfortable, and nutritious all at the same time.

Food from the Farm Itself

We source locally, and our goal is to bring the farm to you – offering you the richest, most wholesome foods made from the freshest ingredients possible. Your employees will be able to enjoy a vast selection of farm-fresh goodies that consist of colorful fruits, and leafy greens

Seasonal Food

At Guckenheimer, we understand it is important for corporate catering companies to offer unique seasonal food creations. Each of the seasons during the year has its own range of tastes, scents, and colors that can be incorporated into a variety of dishes. We use in-season ingredients to satisfy the desires of our consumers. All of the dishes we create during the spring, summer, fall, or winter emphasize smart, healthy options that are also filled with superb flavors and tastes.

For additional information about the range of corporate catering services we provide, including what we can do for your upcoming corporate event, visit our website, or contact us directly. We are dedicated to serving the food-service needs of our customers with impeccable dishes that are healthy, delicious and memorable.