Most corporate dining companies aren’t interested in what happens outside the kitchen. Guckenheimer is not like most corporate dining companies. We believe that everything that takes place in your corporate cafeteria carries over into the offices and conference rooms where your employees carry out your company’s mission because engaging and inspiring people through food is our mission. No matter the size of your enterprise or the complexity of your needs, we can create a corporate dining experience that stands out for all the right reasons.

Nourish Mind and Body

We recognize that food doesn’t just need to taste good; it also needs to be rich with nutrients to provide the energy your workforce, visitors and clients need. That’s why we concentrate on freshly made, flavorful dishes that are low in sugar and rich with fresh fruit, vegetables and high-quality protein.

We also strive to bring an inviting atmosphere to every corporate cafeteria that we manage. Our cafes are an oasis from the hectic, stressful grind of the American office. You can be sure that your employees will finish their meal feeling recharged and revitalized.

Flexible Corporate Dining Services

Our corporate food service can be customized to meet the needs of a wide range of companies and dietary preferences. We work with you to develop a service that’s responsive and customized to your requirements, all for a competitive price. To find out why a growing number of organizations are turning to us as their corporate food service company of choice, call us at (800) 466-5303.