Our Leading-Edge
Tech Solutions

Top Service Through Constant Communication

We keep employees informed, engaged, and empowered.

  • Customized cafe website: See menus and nutritional info, place orders, and much more.
  • Daily emails: Automatically share menu specials, ongoing promotions, and feedback.
  • Digital signage: Easily publicize changing menus, promotions, and announcements.
  • Loyalty programs: Encourage repeat business with punch cards and reward clubs.
  • Quick-touch feedback: Tell us how we’re doing so we can improve your experience.

Effortless Ordering for Busy Teams

Simple payment options give your staff more time to focus on what matters.

Traditional Point of Sale
Pay at the register and receive
top-quality customer service.

Order-and-Pay Kiosks
Seamlessly select and purchase meals
at innovative kiosks.

Reduce wait times with Google and
Apple Pay options.

Mobile Ordering
Skip the line when you order from
your phone or computer.

Badge Integration
Make purchases quickly with your
company’s badging system.

Self Checkout
Maximize convenience with
24-hour self-serve cafes.

Sales and Wellness Goals on Tracking

We’ll help you monitor and optimize your costs, guest experiences, and health initiatives.

Accurately predict business outcomes. Make data-driven decisions and meet sales goals by tracking guest counts, transactions, and products.

Use data to build a healthier workforce. With our SmartSignal and CafeTrack platforms, it’s easy to measure your wellness strategies.