The nature of corporate America is changing. What’s food got to do with it?  A lot according to Alison Acerra, National Director of Nutrition Strategy for Guckenheimer.  Food is one of the key tools that top employers can use to attract and retain top talent, especially Millennials, during the current war for talent.  Business leaders are beginning to understand that the foundation for a successful business is an engaged and high performing workforce and that food can help them achieve their goals. The corporate café is one of the most under leveraged opportunities that an organization has to engage employees. It can truly serve as a centerpiece of a company’s culture. Return on Investment (ROI) has become an antiquated term.  Value on Investment (VOI) is rising in popularity because it more accurately depicts the perspective of today’s changing workforce dynamics.

Watch Alison present at the Health Action Council’s 2017 conference and learn why nutrition is the key to attracting and unlocking highly engaged top performing employees.  The concepts presented could be why your company wins the war for talent.

Unlocking the Key to Top Performing Employees

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