Businesses often employ consultants to provide them with help and advice when the required ability is outside of their skill set. No matter the size of your cafeteria, it is better to hire experts in food management service to ensure your employees and visitors can be provided with the quality and standards required.

Too Many Food Complaints

Whether it is the choice of food or the poor service, cafeterias are often the brunt of a variety of complaints from employees. Seeing the same menu every day of the week with perhaps, a few small variations does not entice your employees to take the necessary time to enjoy their break or main meal of the day.

Our food management service company specializes in hiring the best individuals that understand what is required for a corporate cafeteria. We will discuss requirements, including menu planning, with the employees of the organization. There may be specific cultural or dietary requirements for menu planning which nobody can handle as well as a professional like Guckenheimer. Our only aim is to provide delicious, healthy food that gives employees the energy to carry out their work to the best of their ability.

Managing Employee’s Time Issues

We also understand that employees have a limited time to collect a coffee, a snack or a meal from the cafeteria. Therefore, we stress the importance of quick service while maintaining high-quality standards with all our employees.

The corporate dining facility is based upon the community of the organization. Nevertheless, our aim is always to seek great menus that provide a variation and healthy alternatives for anyone using the cafeteria.

As a forward-thinking food management service company, we have assessed our competition so that we can remain extremely competitive in price, quality and menu choices so that you can be confident that your entire organization from interns to CEOs will be satisfied with our offerings.