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Employee Wellness Program Experts

Investing in wellness is a win-win for everyone. We make it easy to encourage smart choices that help employees meet their health goals while improving their focus and productivity.

An innovative approach to wellness

When most people think about eating for performance, they focus on athletes and their requirements. What if the same science-based approach that helps to turn amateur players into champions could be applied to the workplace to promote overall health and work performance?

By offering your employees delicious options that also energize them to
reach their goals and champion a healthier lifestyle will bring positive results to your workplace engagement and productivity levels.

Our Nutrition Strategy team, comprised of Registered Dietitians, has developed powerful strategies to empower customers to eat in a way that will nourish them today and tomorrow.

What you can accomplish:

  • Improve employee health and performance.
  • Lower risk of metabolic syndrome and other
    health conditions.
  • Influence smarter food choices outside of the office.
  • Build your reputation as a great place to work for supporting employee well-being.


Wellness and Nutrition Program

Picked with you in mind

For organizations seeking customized programming that increases employee productivity, boosts energy levels, and expands overall satisfaction, ISS Guckenheimer offers Picked, a premiere nutrition and well-being solution that encourages the consumption of sustainable, whole foods. Through modern and inspired dishes promoted via attractive campaigns and multiple channels, employees have the information to make nutritious choices for on-site café dining or takeout — ultimately improving their own health and wellness and fueling their company’s success.

A Commitment to Better Food Practices

We work with industry leaders to promote nutrition, health, environmental
stewardship, and social responsibility in the foodservice industry.

Since its inception in 2012, our leaders have participated in the Menus of Change food conference to encourage healthy and sustainable plant-forward menus. Senior Director of Culinary and Nutrition Strategy for Guckenheimer Bill Billenstein also sits on the organization’s Sustainable Business Leadership Council alongside leading chefs and restaurateurs including Rick Bayless, Dan Barber of Blue Hill at Stone Barns, and more.

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Diversity and inclusion

Cultural and dietary practices

We specialize in diversity and inclusion on all levels.

From every day menus to catering events our teams are extremely experienced and trained specifically to understand and review all catering needs and religious holiday or observance to ensure we craft tailored meal options for everyone. 

Want to take your employee food program to the next level?

Are you responsible for the success of your corporate food program?

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A pair of diverse colleagues sit and have a healthy salad lunch together. They are professionally dressed and chatting as they dig into their food. One is a Malay Asian woman, the other a Korean man.


Inspiring greater employee health and wellbeing

How could a more productive workplace environment promote a healthy lifestyle for employees, while lowering absenteeism? And how could that help reduce healthcare costs? Here's how our food services led to tangible outcomes for health and well-being. 

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