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How we solution

Our Approach

What if your food delivery program could be as personalized as your fingerprint? Our approach solves the needs of your organization with a bespoke experience.

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How We Solution

Based on a holistic development process, we engage with you and your team to define a food program - your Food Print - that represents the core nutritional and community needs of your workplace. Examples of food programs that we have created are:
  • People-focused
  • Community-focused
  • Plant-focused
  • Climate-focused

Examples of Food Program Solutions

Multinational Electronics Client

This client was looking for a solution that aligned with their sustainability goals and large Korean population.

Solution Snapshot:

  • Robotic dishwashing for reusable containers
  • Korean food concept

Multinational Manufacturing Client

This client needed a food solution for shift-based employees working around the clock.

Solution Snapshot:

  • 24/7 food solution focused on point-of-sale freshness


Global Hospitality and Tourism Client

This client was interested in a food solution that offered their employees healthy options.

Solution Snapshot:

  • Custom catered-in program
  • Ability to program menu management system to code for client’s specific food traits

Multinational Technology Client

This client needed a food solution to support their post-COVID-19 hybrid workplace environment.

Solution Snapshot:

  • Mobile Ordering
  • Grab-and-go food stations
  • Micromarket
  • Coffee bar
  • Outdoor space for food services

Creating a Food Program

We start with a conversation to understand the needs of your employee-base from a food, nutrition, and experience perspective. Then our team undertakes a rigorous process with a detailed form that includes the following types of questions:


  • Do you have a vision for how you would like food services provided to your organization?
  • What kinds of work environments do you have?
  • What type of work is performed?
  • What is the type of worker is performing the work?
  • What are important cultural and value-based considerations for your organization?
  • What space do you have available for food programs?
  • What are the geographical considerations for your food program?
  • What are the desired outcomes for the organization?


As a result of this active discovery, our team of experts will leverage our experience, scale, and creativity to create a food program that is personalized to the needs of your employees. 

Interested in learning more about our food service solutions?

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