Social-Environmental Responsibility

Responsible business practices drive everything we do.

Beyond Farm to Fork

We’re dedicated to responsible sourcing and business practices, including:

Eggs & Pork: Cage-free eggs, and pork from producers that eliminate gestation crates where possible.

Tropical Products: Producers transparent about their agricultural practices, with no forced labor in supply chains.

Fresh produce: Local and seasonal whenever possible, from farmers who meet guidelines for agricultural sustainability and fair labor standards.

Seafood: Wild and farmed fish and shellfish that meet SeafoodWatch’s recommendations, and nothing with high risk of methylmercury contamination.

Meat & Diary: Products from farmers committed to minimal use of antibiotics in their livestock.

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Social-Environmental Solutions

Our Core Commitments

What drives us is making a positive impact in the communities where we work and live. We do this by nurturing healthier and balanced lives for our customers and all employees.

  • Sustainable seafood
  • Animal welfare
  • Food WasteNot
  • NextGen innovation
  • Energy, water, emissions
  • Plastic and bioplastics
  • Our sourcing commitments
  • Measuring progress 

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Reduce our carbon footprint

Smart Use of Resources

Our commitment goes beyond food sourcing. Here are just a few ways we’re reducing our carbon footprint:

A second life for food scraps: We turn food waste into compost for local farms, and we convert cooking oils and grease into biofuels.

Supporting our communities: Our menu planning minimizes waste. When we do have leftovers, we partner with hunger-relief groups.

Conserving our H2O: From eco-friendly cleaning supplies to alternative dish-rinsing methods, we are leading the way in water stewardship.

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