Social-Environmental Responsibility

Responsible business practices drive everything we do.

Beyond Farm to Fork

We’re dedicated to responsible sourcing and business practices, including:

Eggs & Pork: Cage-free eggs, and pork from producers that eliminate gestation crates where possible.

Tropical Products: Producers transparent about their agricultural practices, with no forced labor in supply chains.

Fresh produce: Local and seasonal whenever possible, from farmers who meet guidelines for agricultural sustainability and fair labor standards.

Seafood: Wild and farmed fish and shellfish that meet SeafoodWatch’s recommendations, and nothing with high risk of methylmercury contamination.

Meat & Diary: Products from farmers committed to minimal use of antibiotics in their livestock.

Food waste in iron bowl and cutting board

Reduce our carbon footprint

Smart Use of Resources

Our commitment goes beyond food sourcing. Here are just a few ways we’re reducing our carbon footprint:

A second life for food scraps: We turn food waste into compost for local farms, and we convert cooking oils and grease into biofuels.

Supporting our communities: Our menu planning minimizes waste. When we do have leftovers, we partner with hunger-relief groups.

Conserving our H2O: From eco-friendly cleaning supplies to alternative dish-rinsing methods, we are leading the way in water stewardship.

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