ISS North America launches Flexible Food Solutions for the hybrid work environment


ISS North America, a leading facilities management and employee experience partner representing ISS A/S in the United States and Canada, is launching Flexible Food Solutions through their food division, ISS Guckenheimer. Flexible Food Solutions is an agile product suite to support a variety of environments in the rapidly changing workplace. Each component can be implemented as standalone or hybrid solution:


  • at Home: A work-from-home-centric solution that enables employee engagement through innovative programs like virtual cooking demos, wine maker dinners, children’s educational series, and gift boxes.

  • Market: A modular solution creating food area(in small, medium, and large footprintsthat meet the needs of the workplace when a full café may not be optimal for the organization. 

  • Beyond: An adaptive solution to help bring food to alternative delivery points (curated pop-ups, repurposed pick-up areas, and mobile access) to optimize employee safety and experience.  

  • Shift: A non-office environment solutiondeveloped with manufacturing, data centers, and call centers in mind, supporting multiple meal periods for employees working shifts around the clock. 


For each solution, ISS Guckenheimer seeks the best in local ingredients and partners with visionary farmers, chefs, and producers to offer carefully crafted, authentic, and delicious food to meet the demands of a busy lifestyle.


Paul FairheadISS Guckenheimer CEO: Through Flexible Food Solutions, we are taking the opportunity to become more agile to better serve our clients as they return to the workplace, while staying true to our core of supporting employee needs and a healthy workforce.”


Learn more about Flexible Food Solutions at https://go.guckenheimer.com/flexible-food-solutions


About ISS Guckenheimer

ISS Guckenheimer is a leader in corporate dining experiences. We build innovative food spaces that power healthy workforces, spark collaboration, and improve employee engagement. Our talented chefs and hospitality specialists create and manage unique dining and workplace experience solutions that make our clients’ employees excited to be at work. ISS Guckenheimer serves over 4,000 corporations in 34 states, with a dedicated workforce creating delicious meals using fresh ingredients with extraordinary and authentic flavors. Learn more at guckenheimer.com.